Surround Your Seed With Protection

Pretreat with Avipel Shield to give your seed the ability to repel birds 24/7 all the way through emergence.

The Avipel Shield Advantage

Avipel Shield quickly — and non-lethally — stops blackbirds, crows, grackles, pheasants, sandhill cranes and starlings from consuming recently planted seed for a bigger yield at harvest.

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International Crane Foundation

"The use of Avipel to prevent crop damage by cranes works for both cranes and farmers because it allows cranes to access agricultural habitats they depend upon while solving problems that cranes may cause for the landowner."

Jeb Barzen
International Crane Foundation Field Ecology Director


Download application guides, independent research studies, USDA state-specific labels and more.

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Purchasing Avipel Shield

Avipel Shield is sold by local agriculture retailers and seed corn suppliers. Contact your local representative to learn more and start protecting your corn crop with Avipel Shield.